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About Us


Midwest Co-operative Services Inc. was established on September 1, 2022. Midwest Co-op is comprised of two well established co-ops; Huron Bay Co-operative Inc. and North Wellington Co-operative Services Inc. Together we operate 13 stores, an Energy and Agronomy facility, a full-service gas bar, and a head office. This allows us to serve our members in a way that puts us ahead of our competitors.

Midwest Co-operative Services Inc. is a Member/ Owner of Growmark Inc.— Growmark is a large regional co-operative situated in the U.S. supplying agronomy inputs and petroleum products to its membership throughout the United States and Ontario.


To improve the long term profitability of our member owners. 


To be the best provider of products and services in our communities. 


Midwest Co-op is a member-owned co-operative. We value:

  • Leadership
  • Innovation 
  • Integrity 
  • Community 
  • Empowerment 

What is a co-op?:

A co-operative is a business owned by its members. It is created to provide services and products members need. A co-operative is a democratic organization – each member has a single vote, regardless of his/her investment in the co-operative, or his/her purchases from the co-operative.

Members elect a board of directors from among themselves to govern the co-operative. The board sets policies and hires a general manager to run the day-to-day activities of the co-operative. The board meets regularly to review operations and management reports.

Co-operatives uphold certain other principles including concern for community, educating the public and youth about co-operative values, voluntary and open membership, and autonomy.

Board of Directors:

As this is the first year of Midwest Co-operative Services Inc., our board of directors is comprised of 6 directors from both Huron Bay Co-operative Inc. and North Wellington Co-operative Services Inc. Members of the Midwest Co-op Board of Directors participate in the overall direction and planning of Midwest Co-op’s business and are committed to transparency, open communication, and ethical oversight.

President- Andrew Black (2024)
Vice President- Timothy Summers (2025)
Secretary- Jeffrey Koehler (2025)
2nd Vice President- Michael Oberle (2025)
Director- Ron De Visser (2026)
Director- Shawn Helmuth (2026)
Director- David Kuntz (2025)
Director- Samuel Luckhardt (2024)
Director- Ronald Ross (2024)
Director- Abe Versteeg (2026)

The FS System is made up of individual cooperative companies who are members of GROWMARK, Inc. and are licensed to use the FS Brand under membership agreements. The FS brand represents a standard of excellence for agricultural and energy-related products. It's the people who represent the FS brand that set it apart. 

FS Member Companies are located in Ontario, Canada and in the Midwest and the Northeastern United States. These local FS Member Companies provide farm and non-farm customers with fuels, lubricants, propane, plant nutrients, crop protection, seed, structures, equipment, and grain marketing assistance. FS System Teams deliver unmatched technical expertise and a genuine interest in partnering in our customers’ success. FS Crop Specialists act as trusted advisors in day-to-day farm operations. FS Energy Specialists offer reliable heating, fueling, and lubrication solutions to farm and non-farm customers.

FS Member Companies are part of the GROWMARK System. GROWMARK, Inc. is a regional agriculture cooperative serving customers in more than 40 states and Ontario, Canada. GROWMARK, Inc. strives to be the best agricultural cooperative system in North America. Employees across the FS System are always ready to do more to move operations forward and never stop asking, "What's next?"

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We have revised our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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